VP Tuning/MTE 
ECU Softloader system

A unique way to reprogram your Volvo's ecu yourself! 

The softloader will be available in several function levels depending on customers' requirement eg: basic, with faultcode reader, service-reset, data-logging, etc. There is also the option of controlling the topspeed / power, when needed, by resetting it back to Volvo's original specs.

Volvo has regular updates of their software, which are put on your car when serviced at an authorised Volvo dealer. This process can wipe the standard tuned ecu software. With this new product you will be able to  remove and install the ecu program at any time and as often as needed. You will be more in control of the cars running and reading.

How does it work

Through a special cable which will be connected via the OBDII connector in the car and your pc or laptop you will be able to download your purchased tuning level into the car. If any future tuning levels are to be done you will be able to do this yourself after purchasing the necessary software.

Pricing for this sofloader system is slightly higher then the standard ecu reprogram.

Customers who have previously purchased ecu tuning software from us (modelyear 99-) will be able to get this softloader system for their Volvo at a small cost.

For further information on what function level would be suitable for your car please contact  Mark on

0403 814 545 or use the enquiry form on this website.