ECU Upgrades

MTE Sweden
Engine development and analysis

*Do you want to get more out of your Volvo?
*Do you want more power? Approx. 30-150hp & 100-200Nm, more than the original.
*Do you want better fuel economy?
*Do you want a more fun car, without getting into problems?

Leave your car to the professionals who guarantee what you ask for. With warranty and good pricing.
Your Volvo is in good hands with VP Tuning our Australian partner who can supply any of our products. They make your car a real pleasure to drive.

Engine kits.

MTE is today the only after market company, which can upgrade nearly all Volvo petrol turbo engines using a software "flash-technology". The same as the car manufacturers are using today. Example: S60 / V70 2.5T stage 1 ( programming and exhaust system ). Stock: 210hp / 320Nm. After : 250hp / 420Nm.

Diesel tuning now also available. Call us for info!



*MTE gives you quality through knowledge.
*You will have no problems & you will have a car as the original…but smoother, quicker and more fun to drive!
*More power & better fuel economy.
*We give you a 14 day "happy customer" guarantee. Not happy with your ecu upgrade we will give your money back!
*We can create upgrade stages which will fit your wallet & temprament.
*MTE takes care of its customers even after sales. We are here for you. As to usual "chip tuners" our ecu flash program is a total upgrading which optimizes the whole program product without any electronic components being changed or removed. So the increased power is compatible with the original functions. Our ecu program product is available for all Volvo petrol turbo engines from 1993 onwards. Still sceptical? Have a look at the following forums on the web…and see what the user of our product thinks.

Auto Motor & Sport: "Hair raising feeling" what felt sluggish before is now                                       direct and quick. Unbelievable difference......

European Car: "The products are good and developed by people who know                              what they are doing".

 Bilsport: "Good sting from the motor…easy driven and smooth"


Top of the line.

We only offer you the best what's on the market. At very competitive prices. Fitment of products can be arranged and will be done by people who know what they are doing. No surprises await you as MTE has over 15 years experience in flash technology.


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